My son is enrolled here. Great place and the staff are amazing.
Jc Stewart Avatar
Jc Stewart
Wonderful place so fun and accommodating. My children love the classes and instructors . That is all they talk about on coming here.
Xena Warprincess Avatar
Xena Warprincess
Best place in Arizona. Very well organized. Great trainers.
Brian Reilly Avatar
Brian Reilly
Kylie Harvey is so cool
prod. poetics Avatar
prod. poetics
My daughter has been going here for almost 3 years now. We absolutely LOVE it. Always so friendly. They work so well at teaching the kids new skills and perfecting them.
Sarah Oleson Avatar
Sarah Oleson
My daughter goes here and loves everyclass. Very friendly staff and coaches
Shelby Bang Avatar
Shelby Bang
Amazing my 2 1/2 year old has been going for almost a year now
Donna Nelson Avatar
Donna Nelson
Well we are looking for a gymnastics place in surprise but thank you
Ann Farcas Avatar
Ann Farcas
Since day one my daughter and I have been happy with the gymnastics program here at Phoenix Gymnastics & Dance Academy. The prices are extremely reasonable and I love the fact that they offer one free trial class to begin with. The entire staff are always helpful and friendly, and the gym is beautiful. Always kept very nice, neat, and organized. I would definitely recommend this place 100%.
Jazzmine Hunt Avatar
Jazzmine Hunt
My daughter has never done gymnastics, but I've been to several gyms to watch my sister. The coaches at Phoenix Gymnastics & Dance Academy are great. I love the upstairs seating. You can see the entire gym and watch your child's class. There's also a TV upstairs to entertain siblings.
Ashley McComb Avatar
Ashley McComb
I am so grateful for the coaches at PGA! I am so impressed with not only their expertise of teaching gymnastics, but the life and psychological skills my 8 year old daughter is learning. Thank you PGA coaches for teaching all my 3 kids! I continue to be impressed and thankful after all these years. This is why I tell everyone PGA is the best.
Luciana Watkins Avatar
Luciana Watkins
My daughter started here in tumble bugs she loves it hopefully after coronavirus we can get back to going
jerriann winters Avatar
jerriann winters
I love it! My daughter is having a blast.
Tiffany Cavalluzzi Avatar
Tiffany Cavalluzzi
My 3 year old daughter loves the tumble bugs class. The teachers are nice and the facility is good. Price is fair too.
David M Avatar
David M
Great place!
Sandy H Avatar
Sandy H
They are very accommodating, my kids love it here. The staff is excellent!!
James Livingston Avatar
James Livingston
Great place and the kiddo loves it!!!
Levi Myers Avatar
Levi Myers
Many years ago I was a gymnast at Phoenix Gymnastics & Dance Academy. I took my experiences and the knowledge given to me to train teenagers now. It's an amazing place to be to get the training your little gymnast wants.Forever grateful for my time I was with Phoenix Gymnastics & Dance Academy.
Sarah Bartlett Avatar
Sarah Bartlett
My daughter Absolutely loves it!!
DeShaun Glenn Avatar
DeShaun Glenn
Great place for gymnastics my daughter loves the coaches and the activities!
Rick Hamrick Avatar
Rick Hamrick
very fun place to go
Heaven Wheat Avatar
Heaven Wheat
Kudos to PGA, thank you for keeping our kids active and healthy during this this crazy time! We’ve been going to PGA for little over a year now and have had a great experience! The front desk ladies are very kind and helpful with scheduling and answering my questions to the best ability. My kids love going to gymnastics learning from their coaches, and I have recommended this place to all our friends!
Megan McGlaun Avatar
Megan McGlaun
I love it because it teches a lot of fun stuff and flexible stuff to. Rate this an ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
hey its me alannah Avatar
hey its me alannah
My daughter has been attending this gym for the last two years and loves it. The instructors are so kind and patient and she continues to excel!
Sarah Pinger - Broker at Security Home Rentals, LLC Avatar
Sarah Pinger - Broker at Security Home Rentals, LLC
My daughter level 4 and son level 3 love dance and gymnastics here
Boss Lady Avatar
Boss Lady
Challenging for little ones and works tons of good motor skills. Love this place
Charyse Crowley Avatar
Charyse Crowley
Our daughter has been going attending classes here for over a year now and we just love it!! The coaches are great with the kids, the desk staff is always friendly and helpful, and our daughter looks forward to going to class every week!!!
Lindsey Combe Avatar
Lindsey Combe
I love everything about this place! I love the encouraging coaches who are always helping the kids advance and I love that each coach has only a handful of kids! Gives them the opportunity to get better and be safe! I drive 38 miles to get here every week because it's worth it! The only time there is high traffic crowd is when one class is leaving and the other class is coming in. 😄
Lauren Lewellen Avatar
Lauren Lewellen
I love this place! My daughter has been going here for just over a year now, it has helped her with not being so clumsy! My daughter is 5 and has shown a great improvement of strength and confidence since starting here! And she's an only child so this is awesome for her to be around other kids her age! Cheryl an Jodi at the front desk are extremely sweet and helpful! Also each coach my daughter has had have been sooo amazing! 1st starting out she was with Ms Kennedy & Ms Gracie, and now she is with Ms Robyn! My daughter always comes home so excited and proud of herself, I think the coaches do such an awesome job building the kids up and making them believe in themselves! Absolutely love this place and would recommend it!
Amber Satterfield Avatar
Amber Satterfield
Best. Place. Ever.
Winston Price Avatar
Winston Price
We found this place where everybody work hard as a team to make sure the kids are having a good training and get benefits from their skill a safe place and a good environment
Adnan Saad Avatar
Adnan Saad
The coaches are very patient with the kids and help them learn to understand.
jennifer carro Avatar
jennifer carro