How young can my child start taking classes?

  • At 18 months old, PGA offers Parent & Tot classes
  • 3 year olds that are potty trained can take our Tumble Bugs class without parent assistance.

What should my child wear to their class?

  • For the trial class girls who do not have a leotard can wear comfortable, stretchy clothing without buttons or zippers. No jewelry except for studded earings. Hair pulled back in a pony tail. Boys should wear athletic shorts and T-shirt. No socks or tights as they slip on our vinyl mats.
  • After the trial class, girls are required to wear a leotard to class. tight stretchy athletic shorts can be worn over the leotard. Boys can always wear comfortable stretchy clothing without buttons or zippers. Preferrably gym shorts and a t- shirt. (no jeans)

How can I help my child progress faster?

There are many factors that affect a students progress. Attendance, physical ability, strengh, flexibiity, fear, determination and effort are some of the main factors. Enrolling more than 1 class a week is helpful and allows for more repetitions.

Does PGA offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer multi-class or sibling discounts. Discounts are built into the tuition schedule.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

When a student registers we require a credit or debit card to be on file and we charge the card (Auto Pay) on the first day of each month until the student withdraws. We accept all major credit or debit cards. If you prefer to pay cash or check payment must be made prior to the start of the next month.

Do you prorate my monthly tuition if I miss some classes?

When you pay tuition for a class, your tuition is reserving your child's place in class regardless of attendance. PGA cannot control attendance, so as long as we hold the class we do not prorate, or credit forward for missed classes.

Am I automatically enrolled each session, or do I need to sign up each time?

We will automatically enroll your child into the next session as long as your account is set-up on AUTO PAY. If not, then you will have to pay through your Parent Portal or by contacting the front desk. If payment isn't received before the next month then the student will be dropped and risk losing that spot in class.

If I miss a class can I make up the class?

We do allow limited make up classes as a courtesy, however, make up classes are not promised or owed. Make up classes are only offered to students who are actively enrolled and only in a class that has an open spot.

Can I view my child's class?

  • We have large windows in our lobby and Upstairs viewing area. We only have limited seating upstairs and we request that only 1 parent per student view classes to avoid over crowding the viewing space.
  • We do have remote viewing via Zoom cameras. Ask about remote viewing at the front desk.